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F4 Simulator Headgear
F4 Simulator


Driver Academy

Scuderia Estoras has a state of the art custom-made simulator which we utilize to prepare drivers before stepping into our F4 car. Our simulator was custom-made for former Indy-Car driver Dominic Dobson and is now used by Marco Kacic to help him prepare before every race. We use the iRacing platform with an Oculus Rift. This unique setup enables users to accelerate their journey in learning how to drive cars and mastering all tracks.

With our dedicated coach Marco Kacic positioned alongside the driver, they'll receive real-time simulator instruction. This greatly improves the learning curve of transitioning from karts to cars. We provide the ultimate guidance as you navigate the virtual experience.

“When I entered my first season of car racing competition, I was fortunate enough to connect with a driving coach that put me through an intense simulator training program. To this day, that experience was some of the most valuable training I have ever had. Just practicing on a sim can be helpful but learning about the characteristics of a car with a coach by your side is invaluable and can be the difference of a successful transition or a frustrating one.” – Marco Kacic

Cost Per Hour

CAD $210.00

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