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Elite Package

The Elite package was designed for drivers that wish to have all the luxuries and upgrades available. It gives you nothing but the best and absolutely everything you need for the full season. This package reflects the equipment that the pro/factory drivers use.

Elite Package Includes:

2024 Compkart chassis

Rotax Black Racing Engine

Annual Elite support service



Team suit


Kart Cover

Mychron 5

Extra set of Compkart wheels

Set of aluminum rain wheels

Annual Mechanic Package

Annual tire Package

Tillett Seat

Floating sprocket carrier (if applicable)

Kart Stand

Chassis protection kit

Annual storage package

Annual pre-race prep package

3 Tire Bags

Fuel filter

Fuel line

Sprocket (if applicable)

Chain (if applicable)

Front bar (if applicable)

Build cost

Flow jet kit

Sliding motor mount


dk design helmet design and paint


Senior Package

Junior Package

DD2 Package

Mini Package

Senior Package 






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