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VIKA Race - BC Regional Championships

First off, in Junior 2 Briggs Teagan Kleine had an amazing showing fighting for the top 3 all weekend with some very impressive improvements, not only with his speed but with his race craft and race maturity. Teagan started 3rd for the final and managed to get into the lead on lap 4, after some good fights Teagan landed a very solid P2 finish!

In Senior Rotax, Devan Radosivic had a lot to learn with a track that was new to him and his first regional race! Devan showed some amazing speed and determination! He had some excellent battles in the heats, racing as high as P6, but unfortunately had a spin in the rain in the final. Not to worry,  Devan will be back stronger for the next one! 

Patrick Kleine faced challenges in TAG Masters. Despite qualifying 27th out of 31 drivers in dry conditions, he remained determined to improve. In the rain-soaked final, Patrick showcased his rain driving skills, steadily climbing to 13th place from the back of the grid. His resilience and adaptability underscore his potential in karting. 

During Saturday's heats, a significant collision involving multiple drivers occurred, including Connor Riley. Despite substantial damage to his chassis, a spare Compkart was swiftly assembled for him ahead of Sunday's race. Starting from the back of the grid due to the chassis change, Connor demonstrated remarkable skill and confidence, surging from last to an impressive third place in the final. This feat not only showcased Connor Riley's prowess but also highlighted the performance capabilities of the Compkart.

In Tag Junior, Grayson Talaba delivered an outstanding performance, despite it being his first time at this track. Qualifying in second position, he encountered a challenging start in the first heat, falling to the rear initially. However, a determined comeback saw him execute a spectacular pass for the lead on the final lap, securing victory. With subsequent strong finishes in the heats and pre-final, Grayson's confidence, adept kart control, and strategic racing caught the attention of all observers throughout the weekend.

In conclusion, the race weekend showcased the incredible talent and resilience of the Scuderia Estoras drivers. From Teagan Kleine's impressive race craft to Devan Radosivic's determination in the face of adversity, each competitor demonstrated their skill and potential on the track. Patrick Kleine's perseverance and adaptability in challenging conditions, Connor Riley's remarkable comeback from a damaged chassis, and Grayson Talaba's sensational debut performance all added to the excitement and intensity of the event. As the drivers continue to hone their skills and overcome obstacles, the future of the team in karting looks promising indeed.


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