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Scuderia Estoras Excels at WCKC Race 5 and 6 / Rok Championship 2 & 3 Double Header Weekend

Our first double header of the season took place over a blistering hot July weekend, with temperatures soaring to 38°C. Over 150 drivers braved the heat, and our growing team had an impressive showing. Here’s a detailed recap of the weekend’s highlights:

Patrick Kleine competed in two classes, demonstrating remarkable consistency and skill. In the DD2 class, Patrick secured pole positions on both days, finished P1 in the Pre-Finals and Finals, and set the fastest laps in the DD2 races each day. In Tag Heavy, Patrick finished 4th both days, earning valuable points that contribute to his overall standing.

Teagan Kleine also raced in two classes, showing resilience and adaptability. Despite mechanical issues on Saturday, Teagan finished P3 in LO206 Jr 2. On Sunday, with both engines running smoothly, Teagan again finished P3 in LO206 Jr 2 and placed in the top 5 in Tag Junior, reflecting his growing expertise and determination.

Grayson Talaba had an impressive weekend filled with both triumph and challenges. On Saturday, he qualified P2, secured P1 in the Pre-Final, and maintained his lead to finish P1 in the Final. Sunday started with difficulties due to a flat tire on lap 1 of qualifying, resulting in a P10 start. Grayson showed his prowess by finishing P1 in the Pre-Final, only to be pushed to the back of the grid due to a tech inspection issue. In the Final, despite starting from P10, Grayson battled his way up to P2 before a tire went off in turn 7, causing his kart to snap sideways and resulting in a DNF. Even without a trophy, Grayson demonstrated amazing skill, race craft, and determination, driving like a lion throughout the weekend.

Dan McDermott had a solid Saturday, finishing in the top 5 in Tag Heavy and P2 in the DD2 race. Unfortunately, on Sunday, Dan was involved in a collision with another shifter kart driver. The race was red-flagged, and Dan couldn’t finish due to minor injuries. He is recovering well and will return to fight for podiums in the DD2 scene soon.

Connor Riley drove exceptionally well, securing P1 in Rok Senior. His performance highlighted his proficiency and competitive spirit. Great job, Connor!

William Oliver had a fantastic weekend, winning P1 on Saturday in the Rotax Senior class. On Sunday, in the intense heat, he secured P3 after a close finish among the top four competitors. William also earned P3 on Sunday in the LO206 Senior class. His ability to maintain high performance across different classes is commendable. Excellent work, Willie!

Marco Kacic, our team principal, juggled multiple roles, including coaching drivers and racing in the Rotax Senior class. On Saturday, Marco qualified on pole and finished P4. On Sunday, he qualified P2 and finished P4 again in the competitive field. Marco's ability to balance coaching and racing showcases his dedication and expertise.

Dylan Wasylkiw competed in two classes despite the hot weather. On Sunday, he had epic battles in the LO206 Sr Class, finishing P2 ahead of teammate William. Dylan also performed well in the Rotax Sr class, finishing in the top 5. His versatility and tenacity were evident throughout the weekend. Great job, Dylan!

Devon Radosevic narrowly missed a top 10 finish on Saturday but secured a top 10 spot on Sunday in the Rotax Sr class. We expect steady improvement from Devon, and he’ll be in the top 5 soon! His progress is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Logan McLean worked hard in the massive Rotax Sr class field, finishing just behind teammate Devon on Saturday. Despite a great qualifying run on Sunday, Logan dropped to P14 in the scorching heat. He’ll bounce back and fight for top finishes soon, as his potential is clear.

Marcello Navarrete competed in the Rotax Mini Micro Max class, finishing P7 on both Saturday and Sunday while learning the chassis and engine package. His steady progress is promising. Keep going, Marcello!

Wesley Persson had a strong weekend in the Sr LO206 class, finishing P6 on Saturday and P11 on Sunday. He also competed in the Rotax Sr class, placing just behind Devon. Wesley’s consistency and perseverance are admirable. Great effort, Wesley!

Charlotte Baye-Pearson raced in two classes. On Saturday, she finished P4 in the LO206 Sr Class and P10 in the Rotax Sr class. On Sunday, she secured P15 in LO206 Sr and P8 in Rotax Sr. Charlotte’s resilience and speed promise stronger performances ahead! Keep pushing, Charlotte!

Quinn Pearson also raced this weekend in LO206 Heavy, securing P1 on Saturday and P2 on Sunday. Great job, Quinn! Nice work, Pearson racing family!

Ava Jude-Lilly continued her winning streak, securing her 3rd and 4th first-place finishes in the Tag Micro class. Her impressive performance at such a young age is inspiring. Well done, Ava!

Blake Lilly balanced spending time with his daughter Ava and racing in the Tag Heavy category. He finished P8 on Saturday and P6 on Sunday. Blake’s ability to manage both roles effectively is commendable. Nice work, Blake and Ava!

Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout this intense double-header weekend. Our drivers showed incredible skill and determination, and we look forward to more successes in the upcoming races. The hard work and commitment of the entire team were evident in every race, and we are proud of what we achieved together.

Stay tuned for more updates from Scuderia Estoras! Please note that the results are not confirmed yet and are only preliminary.


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