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Race 6 WCKC

July 2023

This weekend we had a reverse race at GMR.  This was very exciting and fun!  The competitors had only Saturday practice to master the new layout and get familiar with what is a basically new track.  

This challenge provided lots of drama for Sunday race day.  Many competitors spun out and DNF.  Also the race stewards brought their eagle eyes to this weekend, and looked for any and all infractions.  As a result, Teagan got a technical DQ for engine tag missing, and all competitors in Patrick's category either DNF or DQ.  There were only 2 drivers left, and Patrick got 2nd place.   Crazy weekend for sure!

We are looking forward to hopefully more normalized race in August!

Final results by class for Sunday race:

James: DNF, Teagan: DQ, Blake: DQ, Patrick: P2 (best finish so far), Ava: Did not participate.


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