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Progressive Kart Racing Team Named Exclusive Dealer for Compkart Chassis on Vancouver Island, BC.

Progressive Kart Racing Team is thrilled to announce its new role as the new exclusive dealer for Compkart chassis on Vancouver Island. This exciting development comes as a result of a strategic partnership with Scuderia Estoras, the exclusive Canadian importer of Compkarts. This collaboration promises to elevate the kart racing scene across the region, bringing top-tier equipment and expertise to local racers.

Under the new agreement, Progressive Kart Racing Team who is currently also Birel ART dealer,  will also exclusively distribute Compkart chassis on Vancouver Island. Racers on Vancouver Island will now have easier access to both chassis brands, enabling them to compete at higher levels and achieve their racing goals.

In addition to the distribution partnership, Progressive Kart Racing Team and Scuderia Estoras will collaborate closely during racing weekends at the West Coast Kart Club as well as other events on Vancouver Island. This collaboration will include joint support for racers, technical assistance, and shared resources to ensure the best possible racing experience for all participants.

"We are incredibly excited to become the exclusive dealer for Compkart chassis on Vancouver Island," said Quinn Pearson. "This partnership with Scuderia Estoras not only allows us to offer the new chassis to our racers but also strengthens the karting community through shared knowledge and support."

Scuderia Estoras expressed equal enthusiasm about the partnership. "Progressive Kart Racing Team has a strong presence and reputation on Vancouver Island, and we are confident that their expertise and dedication will help us expand the reach of Compkart chassis in this key region," said Marco Kacic.  "We look forward to working together to enhance the racing experience for all enthusiasts on Vancouver Island."

Racers and karting enthusiasts are encouraged to contact either team, to learn more about the Compkart chassis and take advantage of the resources and support offered through this partnership.

About Progressive Kart Racing Team

Progressive Kart Racing Team is a leading kart racing team based on Vancouver Island, BC, dedicated to promoting and advancing the sport of kart racing. With a focus on providing high-quality equipment and support, Progressive Kart Racing Team helps racers achieve their full potential on the track.

About Scuderia Estoras

Scuderia Estoras is the exclusive Canadian importer of Compkart chassis, known for their cutting-edge design and superior performance. Committed to supporting the karting community, Scuderia Estoras provides top-tier racing equipment and technical support to racers across Canada.


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