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Celebrating Success: Scuderia Estoras Shines Bright in Debut Weekend at Race 1 WCKC

The engines roared, the tires screeched, and the adrenaline surged as Scuderia Estoras took to the track for their inaugural weekend of racing. What followed was nothing short of spectacular—a debut performance that left spectators awestruck and competitors envious.

Our team, comprising talented drivers fueled by determination, alongside the unwavering support of our sponsors, embarked on a journey that exceeded all expectations. With podium finishes dominating nearly every class, Scuderia Estoras made a resounding statement on the circuit.

Acknowledging Excellence

In the Rotax Senior category, William Oliver and Dylan Wasylkiw showcased their prowess with exceptional performances. Oliver's commanding lead from pole position in the final race, coupled with Wasylkiw's remarkable recovery from a penalization, underscored the resilience and skill of our chassis and drivers. Their triumphs not only secured podium spots but also exemplified the spirit of Scuderia Estoras.

Special thanks to Black Racing Engines and Rad Torque Systems for their invaluable support, contributing to our success on and off the track.

Rising Stars

The Rotax Junior division witnessed Grayson Talaba's meteoric rise to victory. Despite facing stiff competition, Talaba's strategic maneuvering and sheer determination propelled him to the forefront, culminating in a breathtaking pass that sealed his triumph. Meanwhile, Teagan Kleine's commendable performance underscored the potential for growth and excellence within our team.

Marco Kacic's remarkable debut as Team Principal deserves special acknowledgment. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in guiding Scuderia Estoras to this early success, setting a promising tone for the season ahead.

Gino Pastro's dominant display in Rotax DD2 exemplified the caliber of drivers within our ranks. With a staggering lead and an eye-catching new sticker kit, Pastro's victory marked a memorable moment for Scuderia Estoras. Accompanied by Dan Mcdermott and Patrick Kleine's stellar performances, our team clinched a well-deserved podium sweep, further solidifying our presence in the DD2 class.

In Tag Masters, Patrick Kleine qualified in P1 and Pastro's consistency once again shone through, securing yet another podium finish for Scuderia Estoras. While challenges arose with incidents involving Kleine and McDermott, their resilience and readiness to return stronger epitomize the spirit of our team.

Looking Ahead

As we bask in the glory of our debut weekend triumphs, our focus remains steadfast on the journey ahead. With write-ups detailing the exploits of each driver set to be released, the excitement for the upcoming season only intensifies.

To our dedicated team, talented drivers, supportive sponsors, and our exceptional Team Principal, Marco Kacic—thank you for your unwavering commitment and belief in Scuderia Estoras. Together, we embark on a journey filled with promise, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. See you at the next one!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to chase glory on the track.

Scuderia Estoras: Igniting Passion, Inspiring Excellence.


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