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Breaking News: Introducing the All-New Canadian COMPKART Factory Racing Team.

November 2023

The Canadian Karting scene will have a new team and chassis brand in 2024 and beyond. This new team is called Scuderia Estoras Racing and has acquired the Canadian importer/distributor rights for the ultra successful COMPKART chassis brand for Canada. Scuderia Estoras with be the factory direct partner enabling them to supply dealers across Canada.

Scuderia Estoras is driven by passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are here to foster and elevate Karting to new heights while promoting the sport throughout Canada and internationally.

Scuderia Estoras has chosen Marco Kacic, a well-known Canadian racing driver, as General Manager. Kacic spent most of his youth behind the wheel of a kart and moved up to formula car competition when he was 15. He stopped racing karts full-time since pursuing a career in cars but his passion for the sport never left. 

“I still absolutely love the sport of karting,” he said. “When I’m between car races, I spend much of my time coaching kart racers and, if I get the chance, still compete in a few kart races each year. I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to start and manage my own team along with my partner Patrick Kleine. This new venture will not affect my racing career aspirations, even if it makes me busier between races.”

Kleine is a kart racing enthusiast and the founder of several companies who will be supporting this new racing team. 

“Bringing the COMPKART brand to Canada is very exciting,” Kleine said. “Scuderia Estoras will carry a full line of kart racing products so our drivers, customers, and dealers will have a “one stop shop” experience. We will also be offering a driving academy for all ages and experiences levels”.

Scuderia Estoras has also partnered with Speed Fanatics who offers an F4 racing school and testing programs for kart racers looking to make the next step. 

Kacic added, “I really have developed a passion for teaching and coaching in cars and karts. Helping karting drivers with the transition from karts to cars is something that I’m very excited about. I want to help young drivers and their families with this transition because I know first hand how challenging it can be”.

This venture is made possible through strategic collaborations with industry leaders such as COMPKART factory team, Scuderia Estoras racing team, Archive Digital Global Marketing Agency, Marco Kacic Racing, DACC racing team, and Estoras Group. Their support ensures Scuderia Estoras is equipped with the best technology, resources, and expertise to bring home the gold, and promote the sport of Karting in Canada.

Be part of our thrilling journey as we gear up for an action-packed season. Get ready to join us and together lets celebrate the victories, the passion, and the thrill of racing!


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