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2024 Championship Series: Exciting Results from the Second Race!

The second race of the 2024 Championship Series was a thrilling event, showcasing the talent and determination of our drivers. Let’s dive into the highlights and celebrate the achievements of our participants.

William Oliver’s Comeback Victory

William Oliver delivered one of the most memorable performances of the day. After being pushed out of the track on lap 1 and dropping to 12th place in the Rotax Senior class, William staged an incredible comeback. He fought his way through the field and ultimately dominated the race, claiming a well-deserved first-place podium finish. William also secured 1st place in Senior Briggs! A true testament to his skill and determination!

Patrick Kleine Shines with a Double Podium Finish

Patrick Kleine put on an impressive performance, qualifying on pole and securing a second-place finish in the TaG Heavy category. He also clinched a third-place podium in the DD2 category, demonstrating his consistency and skill on the track.

Dan McDermott’s Impressive Wins

Dan McDermott was another standout performer, securing a first-place podium in the DD2 category and a third-place finish in the TaG Heavy category. His consistent performance across multiple categories is commendable and keeps him in contention for the championship.

Grayson Talaba and Ava Jude-Lilly Complete the Podium Dominance

Grayson Talaba secured a podium finish in the Rotax Junior category, further showcasing the depth of talent in this year’s championship. Meanwhile, Ava Jude-Lilly completed the podium domination by clinching the last first-place podium finish of the day.

Teagan Kleine’s Solid Performance

Teagan Kleine showcased talent and consistency by clinching two second-place finishes in the Briggs and TaG Junior categories. It’s clear that Teagan is performing well this season, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the upcoming races.

Dylan Wasylkiw’s Solid Performances

Dylan Wasylkiw had a strong showing, finishing 6th in the Briggs category and 9th in the Rotax Senior class. His consistent performance across both categories highlights his potential and sets the stage for more exciting races to come.

Final Thoughts

The second race of the 2024 Championship Series was filled with excitement, drama, and exceptional performances from our talented drivers. With such a competitive field, it’s shaping up to be an unforgettable season.

Congratulations to all the drivers who participated and a special shoutout to Patrick Kleine, Teagan Kleine, William Oliver, Dan McDermott, Grayson Talaba, Ava Jude-Lilly, and Dylan Wasylkiw for their outstanding performances and podium finishes.

And big thank you to J3/Compkart, Black Engines, and all our partners who made this possible :

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as the 2024 Championship Series continues to unfold. The competition is heating up, and we can’t wait to see who will come out on top in the next race!


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