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2024 Championship - Race 3: Scuderia Estoras Dominates the Podiums

The roar of engines, the thrill of competition, and the sweet taste of victory – it's all part of the exhilarating world of kart racing. And in the recent Race 3 at WCKC, it was Scuderia Estoras who stole the show, showcasing their prowess with an impressive array of podium finishes.


At the forefront of the action were Marco Kacic and William Oliver, teammates racing nose to tail pushing each other to the limits and driving away from the field by over 6 seconds. After a pass back and forth for the lead in the closing laps the drivers crossed the line P1 and P2 once again showcasing Compkart and Scuderia Estoras dominance.


The excitement didn't stop there. Dylan Wasylkiw and William Oliver teamed up for a spectacular 1-2 finish in the Sr Briggs category, adding another feather to Scuderia Estoras' cap. Their seamless performance underscored the team's cohesion and skill on the track, earning them well-deserved applause.


Meanwhile, in the DD2 category, Dan McDermott battled fiercely against rivals Patrick Kleine and Gino Pastro. Though Dan secured a commendable 3rd place, it was Gino who stole the show with a triumphant 1st place finish, closely followed by Patrick in 2nd. The podium sweep marked yet another triumph for Scuderia Estoras, showcasing their performance across multiple categories.


For Patrick Kleine, the victory was doubly sweet as he clinched his first-ever 1st place win in the Tag Heavy class. His perseverance and dedication finally paid off, propelling him to the top of the podium amidst fierce competition. And with a commendable 5th place finish in Tag Masters, Patrick proved his mettle as a force to be reckoned with.


Not to be outdone, newcomer Blake Lilly made his mark with a stellar performance, securing his maiden podium with a 3rd place finish in Tag Heavy. His achievement serves as a testament to the team's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering a culture of excellence.


In the Tag Micro category, Ava Lilly continued her winning streak, notching her second 1st place finish. Her consistent performance highlights her skill and determination.


And let's not forget Grayson Talaba, whose podium finish in Rotax Junior added yet another accolade to Scuderia Estoras' impressive tally. His tenacity and skill were on full display as he battled fiercely for 2nd place, thrilling spectators with every lap.


Last but certainly not least, Teagan Kleine emerged triumphant with his first-ever 1st place finish in Tag Junior, accompanied by a commendable 2nd place in Briggs Junior. His remarkable progress from race to race, as evidenced by his blistering lap times, serves as a testament to his dedication and potential.


As the dust settles on another thrilling race weekend, one thing is clear – Scuderia Estoras has firmly established itself as a team to be reckoned with on the WCKC karting circuit. With a talented roster of drivers and unwavering team spirit, they're poised to continue their winning streak in the races to come. A heartfelt thank you to all competitors and WCKC volunteers for making Race 3 a memorable event. Here's to even more excitement and adrenaline-fueled action at Race 4!


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