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2023 Preliminary WCKC Championships Announcement


The 2023 preliminary results for WCKC championship are in.  As this was our rookie season, we are very humbled and excited to announce that both Patrick and Teagan secured 2nd place in the championships and are the 2023 Tag Vice Champions. 

Teagan locked in 5 podiums on his maiden campaign and I’m so proud of him!  Patrick had 6 podiums, 4 fastest laps and 1 pole position in 2023.   This was lot more than we could have ever hope for. 

We wanted to thank Racelabs and Villenueve/TB factory for the fantastic chassis, Racelabs VI for the support under their tent, the hours of work spent on tuning and setup, and the welcoming environment.  

Special thank you to Marco Kacic for coaching us all year and all the hours spend on track and in the pits making sure we are competitive.

And last but not least – thank you to all of you who watch, supported us and cheered us on!  Thank you and stay tuned, as we have several more exciting announcements coming in next few weeks about our 2024 season!


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